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Family and Educational Wellness Center

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Dr. Craig Murphy opened the FEW Center in Franklin, MA, in 2016 after working in the Newton Public Schools for 15 years. Recognizing the lack of mental health expertise in the area, Dr. Murphy was passionate about opening his practice closer to home and identified Franklin as the ideal community. Since 2016, the FEW Center has worked hard to keep pace with the increasing demand for mental health services. Our veteran team currently consists of clinicians and educators with a wealth of experience in the areas of assessment, counseling, and both clinical and educational consultation. We enjoy partnerships with over 50 school districts, parent organizations, and community agencies that include ongoing consultation and regular professional development. Call us today to learn more about how the FEW Center can help you, your family, or your school district.

Meet Our Team

Our primary goal at the FEW Center is to promote mental health and wellness in children, adults, and families. Over the past 20 years, we have worked in hospitals, community-based clinics, residential facilities, public and private schools, and higher education. We opened our Franklin office in 2016 and have enjoyed becoming an active part of the community.

Family and Educational Wellness Center

Client Testimonials

“My experience with the FEW Center has been strikingly different since my very first phone call with Carolyn. After attempting to schedule appointments for my 12-year-old daughter for almost 2 months, I was pleasantly surprised to have someone actually answer the phone when I called the FEW Center. Carolyn (the practice manager) was beyond pleasant and immediately verified my insurance and called me back within 24 hours. Although I did have to join the waitlist initially, my first appointment with Dr. Cutillo was scheduled just two weeks later. The professionalism was a great start, and Dr. Cutillo’s expertise has been invaluable in our weekly appointments!”

“Although I was a bit intimidated initially when I was told by a friend to get a neuropsychological evaluation for my 9-year old son, Dr. Murphy made the process stress-free. What we learned about my son’s learning style has completely changed our approach to his schooling. Not only that, but my son actually enjoyed the testing and asked when he would get to see Dr. Murphy again!”

“My son was first evaluated by Dr. Murphy during his eighth grade school year to help us better prepare for high school. The evaluation was so insightful, and his report was completely strength-based. It helped us identify the perfect high school for our son, and Dr. Murphy’s recommendations have followed him through high school, college and, more recently, medical school. Most impressively, Dr. Murphy has remained a support to our son at each step of his journey, writing letters of support and recommendation to ensure he will continue to receive the support and accommodations he needs to reach his full potential.”

“Taking my daughter to see Brenna for therapy each week has turned into a fun family outing at this point. My daughter simply loves Brenna, and her care and compassion is palpable. That same warmth and kindness is present in every facet of the FEW Center.”

“My 17-year-old son only started therapy following a bribe, as we were getting desperate. Following a month of sessions with Jay (Mr. Steinhardt), his reluctance has turned into commitment to self-improvement and self-care. My son’s grades are improving and his life choices are more responsible and healthier. Thank you Mr. Steinhardt!”

“Christine (Renz) has been such a big help these several months, and we are thrilled that (our son) is feeling so much better. Although he may be back for a visit here and there as needed, the skills and strategies he has developed are helping him move forward on his own.”

“My 17-year-old daughter has really struggled throughout the pandemic and has been hard to reach. Fortunately, she began working with Michelle (Gaffney) and our whole family has benefited from her experience in therapy. Michelle has helped us understand the intricacies of our family system, and we are all doing our part to get better.”

“My 8-year old son has been giving us a run for our money over the past year or so. Fortunately, he began working with Ms. Kelly (Hulyk) and she has helped him and our family better understand the value of play. Thanks so much for your patience, Kelly!”

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